At Online Gambling Canada we’re off to the races – with all the best bets on four-legged racing action whether it’s the ponies or the puppies you prefer, including tips on how and where to place them. In addition to horse racing, we’ve got you covered for the top Canadian sports books for greyhound racing and harness racing. Whether it’s a major international event or a local standard, the racing action never stops, and nor do we. With so many races happening around the globe, there’s always a wager and a buck to be made. Predict the winner, predict to place, or predict to show. Wondering more? Keep reading, and I’ll explain.

Best Sportsbooks for Racing

How we choose the best online race bookies

Horse racing is extremely popular the world over, and Canadians have long picked up on the trend. Even if you can’t catch a race live at your local track (or one doesn’t exist), you can now easily get in on the racing action thanks to the proliferation of online sports betting sites – all of which cover horse and greyhound racing, at the very least.

Best sportsbooks for racing: Our job at Online Gambling Canada is to find the best sportsbooks for your needs. So if it’s horse, greyhound or even harness racing you’re after, you can be rest assured we’ve got you covered. For starters, we do extensive research to identify all the latest and greatest bookmaking sites, with our staff constantly scouring the net for online bookies. Once we’ve found one that seems right, we check for coverage. Once we find the racing options, we look for the types of bets, odds, and frequency of events covered. And only then, when we’re satisfied that the site meets all those elements do we move on to the closer in making any recommendation – systematic testing of the software, making sure bets are placed in real-time, odds are refreshed and up-to-date, results are accurate, and the overall interface is smooth.

Great Canadian Racing

Canadian-friendly race site: It’s imperative that each site we recommend is Canadian friendly (we are Online Gambling Canada after all). But what does that mean? Well, first we begin with some basic questions. Does it cover locals like the Canadian Triple Crown or Queen’s Plate at Woodbine? Check!  Is the site’s support service offered during Pacific Time Zone hours through Newfoundland – by phone, live chat and email? Check! Are bonuses and bets received in CAD? All of these are must-haves to make it to our recommended race bets list.

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Complete online racing resource

All your race needs:  As in all things we do, our coverage for online casino racing is the complete package deal. Not only do we point you in the right direction as to where it’s best to place your race bets, but we’ve also got you covered all around. This means: helping you get started with the best welcome bonuses and free online casino racing trials; providing all the racing related casino news you need to know; and a comprehensive beginner’s guide stacked with tips and tricks, for added success at the track.

Different types of racing

As you likely know, there are a number of basic racing formats upon which you can place a bet. Most online sports betting casinos will offer you numerous options for each (though harness racing, to be honest, is a bit less prevalent).

  • Horse racing – If you’re into horse racing, then you already know there’s pretty much always a horse race going on somewhere in the world whether England, Ireland, Australia, or right here in Canada. Pick one horse, pick to place, make a selection for show, or make multiple bets on several horses at once.
  • Harness racing – Almost paradoxical in nature, like speed walking, harness racing is a form of horse racing in which the horses are limited to a specific gait, usually with a two-wheeled cart (called a sulky) in tow. In Canada, the most popular venues for live harness racing are both within the province of Ontario, at the Woodbine Racetrack and Mohawk Raceway respectively.
  • Greyhound racing – The folks in the motherland, i.e. England, particularly love this one, though plenty a Canadian follows greyhound racing as well. It’s basically like horse racing, but features greyhound dogs instead, who race either around a track, or along a specially designed course, through to the finish line, led by a lure.

Horse racing betting promotions and offers

Racing bonuses: Signing up at a new sports betting site always comes with a welcome bonus. But can this bonus be played at the track? As racing lovers, we certainly want to see that. And with so many racing events along the circuit, how are the other race bonuses? Betway, for example, has what’s called the Horse Racing Outsider Special with the chance to refund a losing bet. 888 Sports has such a strong emphasis on the races, that it even has a dedicated blog with tip & tricks from the lovely host Emma (recommended!). Other sites will give you special deposit bonuses that can be put to use at the track, or special odds on a particular race. Whatever the offer, if a bookmaker gives you more money to place on the race, that’s a serious plus in our books.

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