From the bingo halls right into your living room, online bingo has revolutionized the game bringing the excitement of this beloved activity to your home. Around the world, people enjoy this game of chance which has all sorts of variations. In Canada, players have plenty of options for gambling bingo online right at their fingertips. In the game of bingo, players try to match randomly drawn numbers with combinations of numbers on a card. With virtual bingo games, the computer uses a random number generator (RNG) to draw numbers randomly. If the player has that number on their card, they mark it. A player wins by completing a row, column, or diagonal. In bingo halls throughout Canada and the United States, people usually play with 5x5 cards and 75 balls.

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How to Play Online Bingo

Bingo cards: Now let’s look into the details of how to play. In a bingo game, each player purchases one or more cards. Typically, a card contains 25 squares with five vertical columns and five side to side rows. Each of the five columns are labeled B-I-N-G-O from left to right. The rows below contain numbers, usually 1-75, in random order. In most games, column B contains numbers 1-15, column I contains numbers 16-30, column N contains 31-45, column G contains numbers 46-60, and column O contains numbers 61-75. Typically, players have up to 3 cards during each game.

Number calling: During the game, players mark down their cards when the space matches the balls or numbers randomly drawn. With online bingo, the RNG chooses a random number. If the player’s card contains this number, they mark it on their card. If not, they do nothing.

Mark your number – For example, let’s say the number B-10 is drawn. You should check column B to see if your card contains the number 10 in that column. If so, mark it down. You continue to follow this pattern until you or someone else wins. A player wins after completing a row, column, or diagonal on the card.

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Online Bingo in 5 Easy Steps

To make it easier, I included a short step-by-step run through of a round of online bingo:

  1.  Place your bet
  2.  A random number is drawn
  3. Check your card(s) to see if it contains the number
  4. If so, mark the number on your card(s)
  5. Repeat until completing a row, column, or diagonal on the card(s)


Features: Gambling bingo online comes with many enhanced features to add to the excitement of the game. The auto-daub feature automatically marks the card when the card contains the number drawn. Many gambling sites also have a “best card sorting” feature which sorts the cards by the ones closest to winning. Online bingo games also have chat features which allow players to talk to each other during the game.

Jackpots: Many online bingo rooms host special jackpot wins in addition to the regular wins. Progressive bingo jackpots pool the money together from bets placed by all of the players. These jackpots continue to grow until someone wins. One time, I won a bingo jackpot of over $2,000!

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Bingo Bets

All Sorts of Betting Ranges: With gambling bingo online, you can find all sorts of betting ranges. Different games have different pot amounts. Some have inexpensive games in which players have a low betting requirement. The size of the pot depends on the number of players who buy in and how many cards they each purchase. Cards usually cost between $0.01 to $1.00 each with most gambling sites at $0.25 per card. Other bingo games appeal to high rollers and players who can place larger bets per card. That also means more money for the winner.

Betting Limits: You can decide for yourself how much you can afford. we recommend that new players start with smaller bets. As you get more experience, you can always join more competitive games with higher betting requirements. Remember to set betting limits so that you never gamble more than you can afford.

Online Bingo Strategy & Playing Tips

Below you can find some top tips for bingo strategy to help you win more often.

Play with More Cards: A player’s chances of winning increases when you have more cards. Each card has a different combination. Therefore, you can improve your odds by playing a few or more at a time, depending on the card limit for the particular game.

Rooms with Fewer Players: A bingo room with less players means you have less competition. When I play online bingo, I try to avoid crowded games so I have a better chance of winning. Although these rooms usually don’t have high winnings, you still have a greater chance of winning.

Chat with Players: While bingo halls often do not permit talking during the games, online casinos encourage players to interact using the chat feature. This gives you an opportunity to share tips with others and learn from more experienced players.

Cash in Bingo Bonuses: Playing online bingo gives you access to all kinds of special bonuses offered by online casinos. Most gambling sites offer sign up or welcome bonus packages that give players free money to play on games like bingo. You can find a range of promotions after signing up that give away free money for bets. Just make sure that the wagering requirements apply to bingo.

Read the Rules: Online bingo tends to have more rules than a game in a bingo hall. Not understanding the rules can cost you your win. For example, many online bingo sites do not allow players to have duplicate accounts. If you have more than one account from the same IP address, you may lose a big jackpot win. Other sites have playthrough rules that require you to play a certain number of times before you can cash out. This is especially relevant if you play using bonus money.

Set Betting Limits: Online casinos allow players to set daily, weekly, or monthly betting limits. After a player reaches this limit, they cannot bet anymore within that designated time period. This ensures that you never bet more than you can afford.

Quit While You’re Ahead: With online gambling, you should develop the habit of knowing when to quit. If you hit a winning streak, eventually it will end. I recommend walking away with you winnings before you start to lose. This goes along with setting betting limits to help manage your bets.

So whether you’re new the online bingo or a bingo pro, you can find a range of game varieties available at gambling sites in Canada. Online casinos like Royal Vegas offer all kinds of exciting versions like Super Bonus, Electro Bingo, Bubble Bonanza, and more. Play online bingo and see if you will win the thousand dollar jackpots. Good luck!

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