About Us

Online Gambling Canada was established in 2016 as the love child of a group of four friends, who met at McGill University in Montreal years ago, united by their then love of a friendly game of poker. Over the years, we kept in touch, met up occasionally offline on wild casino trips to places like Niagara Falls and Las Vegas (shhh, don’t tell the spouses!), bouncing ideas off one another, trying to figure out how we could possibly monetize our love of the wager, and continue doing what we love doing together – gambling. The years passed by, and the ideas (as much as the technology) evolved, and finally, there was a winner. A portal for Canadians, by Canadians, with all they need to know about online gaming. And hence, at long last, Online Gambling Canada was born.

How we work

The casino review scene:A work in progress, and relatively new on the casino review scene, Online Gambling Canada is quickly gaining in popularity across the Canadian online gambling market, as Canucks from coast to coast turn to us for advice on where it’s best to gamble online. It’s true we do receive money for referrals, as you may have rightly assumed, but rest assured, only from those online gaming sites that are worthy of a review in the first place (we do have a reputation to maintain!).

Feel free to reach out: Here at Online Gambling Canada, we’re proud of what we do, and strive to build this site as fast as possible, to answer your incredible demand for casino reviews, bingo recommendations, sports betting site analyses, online poker preferences, and so much more.

If you too like what we do, then don’t be shy. Let us know by sending us an email at: onlinegamblingking@gmail.com – we’re always up for a compliment! Of course, we’re also open to critique, so if there’s something more you’d like for us to see or say, send us an email as well.

The editorial team

Wondering who we are and what qualifies us to an opinion on gaming related matters? In a nutshell, it’s our passion, years of know-how, and general love of betting games. And now, without further ado, meet the fabulous Online Gambling Canada team!

Andrew Woo – Because every team needs a leader, Andrew is ours. He’s not just the best looking of the bunch (which may or may not be saying a lot), but he also has the drive and dedication it takes, to well, drive us! While he’s a pretty good poker player, and pretty awesome on the hockey rink, what he really excels at is crunching the numbers, and finding the best odds in sportsbooks. Other than that he’s a stickler for detail, a true grammar master, and an all-round web guru.

Shelly MacIntyre – The always cheerful wonder known as Shelly, not only makes a mean apple pie, but can incredulously pack them in without putting on a pound (or is it kilos these days?). All kidding aside, we love her for her ability to scour the net, around the clock, always identifying the hottest trends in online gambling, as well as the latest offers from online casinos, as they’re released.

Aurelia Hudson – If there was ever a woman who knew a slot machine, Aurelia is she. Seriously, her slot knowledge is nothing short of encyclopedic. Whether covering classic fruit games or mega blockbuster hits, this self-titled queen of the slots has got us (and you!) covered, with all the details and analysis, to help you find the best online slots, anywhere.

Jeffrey D’Andrea – In any organization, someone’s got to do the dirty work, and at Online Gambling Canada, Jeff just happens to be that guy. That means uploading content, doing constant Q&A to make sure all parts of the site work well, answering emails, paying the bills, and all those little annoying tasks in between. Well done Jeff! We wouldn’t be who we are without you.